Body Language - Body Language We communicate with words and...

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Body Language We communicate with words and with gestures. Weather we realise or not we always tend to send and receive non verbal signal while communicating. These signals relay the message in a much stronger way as compared to the spoken words. Body language is the term used for communication using body movements or gestures instead of words. Studies show that the words account for only 7% of the message you convey and nonverbal part fills in for the rest 93%. Out of this 93%, 55% is what people see and the rest 38% is the tone which is used to speak out the massage. Communication Process Voluntary and Involuntary Body language- Non verbal gestures are of two types – Voluntary – This refers to the body movement, gestures and postures which are intentionally made by a person e.g. conscious smiling, hand gestures and hand movements aimed at intended communication is considered voluntary body language Involuntary – it manifests in the form of facial expressions mostly. This form of body gestures are not intentional and thus offer a more reliable message. Ways of non verbal communication - 1. Facial Expression Facial expressions are first and foremost method which is used for nonverbal communication. A smile or a frown speaks volumes when it comes to expressing a view or an idea. The rules of nonverbal communication (hand gestures, body movement etc.) can be different for the people with different background, however the facial expressions are mostly uniform across cultures. 2. Gestures These might include waving, pointing and using other body movement which are deliberate and thus are important ways of communicating. These are mostly voluntary movements. A lot of such movements are also culture specific. E.g. in Canada when people meet each other the men greet each other with a firm handshake while women with a slight nod and on the other hand in Mexico women initiate handshake and men respond with
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a soft one and in women lightly hug if meeting another women and men lightly kiss women on cheeks to greet. 3. Paralinguistic Paralinguistic refers to vocal communication that is separate from actual language. This includes factors such as tone of voice, loudness, inflection, and pitch. When said in a strong tone of voice, listeners might interpret approval and enthusiasm. The same words said in a hesitant tone of voice might convey disapproval and a lack of interest. 4. Posture A posture conveys a lot when it come to body language, with the posture you can make out whether the person is confident or not, whether he/she is interested or not. A person sitting with an obvious slouch is considered a non confident, tired or a non interested one. Someone is sitting straight and upright is always given a tag of being confident and
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Body Language - Body Language We communicate with words and...

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