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Group Discussions A Group Discussion can be defined as a formal discussion involving ten to 12 participants in a group What is Group Discussion? As said earlier a GD is a formal discussion among a group of participants. These days GDs are being used as a tool for selecting the right candidate for the job along with the personal interview. In the competitive world of education we have many people who are academically very sound rather we have too many toppers these days. And they fair very well when it comes to assessing their knowledge base. So, How do we find the right candidate for the job among many academically brilliant people. GD helps the Interviewer judge the candidate in a group and conflict situation and is a very effective tool to judge a candidates ability to work, perform and manage in a team. Why a GD? A GD is a group activity. It is a formal exchange of ideas among the members of a group. It is a reliable tool to test a candidate in a conflict situation and also lets the interviewer make a comparative assessment of the candidates. GD is an informal discussieson which in turn helps the interviewer understand about the candidate’s basic nature. Eg. Aggressive, Active, Passive etc. And thus can go a long way in choseing the right job mix for him/Her. GD helps the interviewer identify the following traits in a person. Leadership Team Player Reasoning Ability Flexibility Assertiveness Initiative Creativity/ Out of the box thinking Inspiring ability Listening Awareness Leadership During a GD no one is appointed to lead the conversation and since it is a free discussion may conflict situations can arise like- 1. A GD where participants are unable to establish a proper rapport and do not speak much. 2. A GD where participants get emotionally charged and the GD gets chaotic. 3. A GD where participants discuss the topic assertively by touching on all its nuances and try to reach the objective Here, a leader would be someone who facilitates the third situation at a GD. So once identified this person then can be groomed to lead a team after gaining some more experience. Hence a leader
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Shows the direction and tries to steer the group towards the purpose (discussion topic) in case the group moves away from the topic, which can happen as at times we do have candidates who feel very strongly for a topic. Coordinates the efforts of different team members in a GD. He tries to strike a balance between for and against points while making contribution to the topic. Contributes actively with effective and relent points. Inspires and motivates the passive participants to speak and contribute. Team Player
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Group Discussions - Group Discussions A Group Discussion...

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