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BioG 110 PRELIM #1 Handout #3 Spring 2007 WHEN : Thursday, February 22, 2007 7:30-9:00 PM BRING : Your 7 digit student ID number TWO #2 pencils for blue computer sheet, pen/(optional for essay), calculator (optional) DURING EXAM : You are responsible for keeping all your answers private. Revealing exam questions, or exam answers to other students is a violation of the code of academic integrity. Do not speak to another student during the exam for any reason. Failure to follow the proctor's instructions is academic misconduct. Electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, palm pilots, computers) are NOT allowed at the exam. WHERE : Go to the room assigned to your lab instructor. Wait outside your room for your assigned seat. Save the seat label sticker to place on your exam. If your lab instructor is : Go to : Liz Balko Uris Hall Auditorium LEFT/RIGHT FRONT Maria Bejarano Goldwin Smith Lewis RIGHT Ben Hamilton Goldwin Smith Hollis FRONT Jeff McCaffrey Uris Hall Auditorium LEFT Ryan Douglas Goldwin Smith Kaufman
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This test prep was uploaded on 09/24/2007 for the course BIO G 110 taught by Professor Wayne,r. during the Spring '07 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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