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Janson Case study

Janson Case study - on the phone for way to many doctors...

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Silvana Cardenas Ippolito Janson Case Study 1. According to the results of the satisfaction survey, most patients had a serious issue with the efficiency with making an appointment and checking in and out. More specifically they had the most issues with the ease of getting through on the phone, getting a convenient appointment, helpfulness and courtesy of the receptionist, and the length of waiting to see a physician. A couple of patients had issues with the care and treatment of the staff. The process seems inefficient and of low quality regarding service. 2. With the first issue of getting through on the phone and getting a convenient appointment, I believe one of the problems is that there are not enough receptionists to cover the position, and the few that there are handle way to many different types of issues
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Unformatted text preview: on the phone for way to many doctors. There should be options to directly transfer calls to the correct department and secretaries without the call needed to be put on hold very often. The system should be designed for a quick and easy way to get the information necessary and complete an appointment without having to hold for more than 5 minutes. These receptionists seem like there are stressed out due to the work overload that they don’t seem to be helpful and courteous enough to satisfy the patients. It also looks as if the time to get a hold of a physician can be significantly reduced by having all of the information ready and sorted out before the patient steps into the office....
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