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Miersheimer critic - Belen Cardenas Scott Pegg Y219 To a...

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Belen Cardenas Scott Pegg Y219 To a realist the struggle for power and the need to dominate of a state is an inevitable fact caused by its need to protect a state’s security due to the existence of anarchy. However, I believe that the state does not need to seek hegemony in order to be secured but rather it seeks order and favor among its states as a priority in order to keep peace between states. In Mearsheimer’s opinion, great powers constantly attempt to acquire higher power than other fellow states. As a result their purpose of action consequently leads them to ultimate hegemony. According to him, this occurs because of five assumptions In the International System. Mearsheimer doesn’t interpret each of his assumptions to be the sole reason of why states behave competitively rather he believes that the assumptions as a whole give a better understanding of why states behave aggressively between each other. The first assumption that states compete with each other because the world is in a state of anarchy and as long as this is maintained then states will always have a need to obtain more power than other states. The second assumption is that great powers have full military capability which gives them the ability to destroy each other. The Third assumption is that states can never be certain of each other’s intentions. States must be prepared to face full military attack from its neighbor at all times. The fourth assumption states that survival is the primary goal of the state. States seek to maintain their territorial integrity and the autonomy of their domestic political order. (Mearsheimer p61)There is
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no point in being concerned about other matters when the sovereignty of a state is at risk. The Fifth assumption is that states are rational actors that are aware of their surroundings
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Miersheimer critic - Belen Cardenas Scott Pegg Y219 To a...

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