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Belen Cardenas article 7

Belen Cardenas article 7 - opinion of the spouse rather...

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Belen Cardenas Tim Bennett In the Article Our Better Halves Sometimes Expose our worse side, makes a very good points in indicating how biased an advice from a spouse could be when dealing with problems in the workplace. Even though it may cost more, it is always better to seek advice from a professional or at least from an individual from a neutral standpoint. This ensures that the person is getting the best advice possible especially if they seriously intend to follow it. It also depends on the severity of the situation. If it is an issue that requires common sense thinking then it’s just better to use the brain and come up with a solution. However, I don’t believe that listening to a spouse is wrong. Each an every one of us has the capacity to discern what the spouse has to say in order to decide if the advice they gave was of value or not. Most of the time it’s just better to simply listen to the
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Unformatted text preview: opinion of the spouse rather than actually trying to go forth with their advice. It also depends on the type of person that the spouse is. On the spouse’s part, there is much difficulty in deciding to either let the emotions speak or their intellectual thinking take over when giving an advice to their partner. I would recommend that the spouse imagine what kind of advice he would give to an individual that is not his partner and use it when asked for an opinion. In general, a person should try to seek professional advice when dealing with a situation depending on the significance of it. If not, then the person should use their own reasoning to figure out if the spouse is giving biased information or not. A person should not let such a small matter interfere with their career....
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Belen Cardenas article 7 - opinion of the spouse rather...

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