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Belen Cardenas Business Comm. Exercises Phillabaum September 17, 2007 5.1 a. Your claims b. Our procedure does not include c. We would like you to remember d. In which you say e. We are sorry you are not satisfied f. We would like you to enclose g. We ask that you send us h. Our terms state that i. We continue to be very patient j. We would appreciate further explanation 5.4 a. persistent b.
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Unformatted text preview: mistaken c. simple-minded d. amateur e. heavy speaker 5.8 a. sometime this may b. a large saving c. over 200 attended d. time saving e. doubled the work area f. simplify the structure of the website 5.11 a. Open b. stop c. use d. predict e. help f. struggle g confirm h try to I eat J. tell K. change L. sent M. make N. even so O. great...
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Business+communication+excersizes+5 - mistaken c....

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