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environmental trends - Cultural Trends o Americans are...

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Cultural Trends o Americans are beginning to focus more on convenient, quick, on the go food without compromising quality, ingredients, freshness, preparation, and nutritional value. o Informality has clearly been more prominent Restaurant and fancy dining is being replaced by more of an in home entertaining and take out experience. o Urban expansion to the suburbs flourished throughout the century and is currently at its peak. Many of the trends and challenges of urban life have expanded and have been adopted by the suburbs. o Mobility has been declining throughout the decade and has reached record lows. Less than 10% of Americans changed their address by the end of 2010. Individuals are influenced and feel more connected to their family, friends, and cultural similarities. It has been observed that Americans would rather change careers and keep their location rather than vice versa. o Travel and transportation has surprisingly remained the same relative to the economical and population growth in the last ten years. Social Trends o Globalization is still increasing. The U.S along with China, India, and the European Union combine economic forces. Outsourcing is increasing. o College stress increases. More and more students are striving to get into a good college. Once they have achieved their goal, they become involved in clubs, fraternities, and internships. They have less and less time on their hands o More and more individuals are choosing to live alone or collectively as a
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environmental trends - Cultural Trends o Americans are...

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