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Midterm exam: Common Law – Legal precedent – Stare decisis – Federal pre-emption? Supremacy Clause? How is the Federal Bill of rights applied to the states? List three types of statutes: Capital offense – Essay – Criminal law, state and federal, statutory & case law, Remand – Binding case law – Persuasive authority – What does a state constitution regulate? What does the Federal Constitution regulate? What is interstate commerce, and how does it affect Civil rights? What does it take to have a substantial impact on interstate commerce? Court Jurisdiction – Is there a federal right to a jury trial? Is there a state right to a jury trial? Can a state grant a jury trial when Federal law does not require it? Dual Sovereignty – What is the meaning of Double Jeopardy? Please indicate how it relates to civil and criminal trials, trials in both state and federal court, and trials in two different states. When is a case dismissed or otherwise lost on Double Jeopardy grounds? Felony murder –
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Midterm+exam+final+study+sheet[1] - Midterm exam: Common...

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