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reaction paper marketing channels

reaction paper marketing channels - This individual...

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This individual understood the case significantly well. The essay expressed a thorough analysis of the main issues of the case, and it contained good evidence for the reasoning behind the position that the individual was persuading. The first point that the author made about the tilt of the channel power leaning towards manufacturers due to consumers purchasing products online through manufacturer’s website is good evidence towards the detrimental road that this retailer is heading down. The author mentioned that the manufacturers will eventually figure out that they will not use Regis in order to make the sales they need. The reason could have been described in more detail. One of the reasons for this is that shopping online is a revolutionary new idea that people are beginning to explore. As time progresses, individuals will continue to discover the benefits of online shopping and more and more consumers will switch from physical to online shopping. This will occur not only because of the convenience shopping from home but due to lower prices offered online offered by the gray market.
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