reading reflextion 5

reading reflextion 5 - agree with what she said because if...

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Belen Cardenas 10/01/2009 Women tell women: life in the top jobs is worth an effort makes pretty good points. Some are reasonable, but some still need to be thought over. Having a career doesn’t mean a person needs to be careless at home. However, an individual also needs to maintain good responsibility at work I believe it’s alright to focus strongly and spend a significant time at work when the woman is not married yet or has the responsibility of children. There would be no other significant stress and a person’s performance at the company would probably be at its peak. This helps young women to be more independent, and realize that they can make it on their own in this world without the need of a husband. Woman like these will always be on top of everything and end up succeeding in life. However, Carol Bartz stated that the word balance should be eliminated. I don’t
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Unformatted text preview: agree with what she said because if you have a life at home at well as at work, it would be the best and healthiest thing to do. Family always comes first and they will always be there. Jobs come and go as a person would like them to. Woman who become work-aholics and focus most of their time at work, are going to suffer and stress out more. A woman needs time of work to relieve the stress that she may have. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful and striving; however, a person needs to know that there is a time for everything. A work life balance is the ultimate way to handle and avoid unwanted problems and stress. In the end the family will thank the mother for being there for them when they most needed it....
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reading reflextion 5 - agree with what she said because if...

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