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Evita peron's essay

Evita peron's essay - Belen Cardenas Professor Snodgrass...

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Belen Cardenas Professor Snodgrass Essay: Evita Peron March 23, 2009 Evita Peron was an influential woman who had much controversy surrounding her. Evita’s unfortunate situation regarding her illegitimacy haunted her whole political career along her husband. Her acting career did not help her in seeking a respectable career as a political influence. Her main followers were working class, lower class, and women who wanted voting rights. Because she came from a humble, poor background, she identified with these individuals she called descamisados. She fought for the worker’s rights and for the improvement of living of the poor. These individual’s did not care about her unstable reputation. They simply admired her for her courage to stand up for what she believed in and do the right thing regardless if it was seen as unrespectable to gente bien that surrounded her. Those who opposed her were the oligarchy and people who held high social status. These people saw her influence in political activities as disrespectful and out of place. In Argentina, no women had ever actively participated in a campaign like Evita did. This was no place for a woman in the 1940’s, and some people interpreted as though she was taking control of Peron’s political career. Her disturbing and ambiguous past did not suit well for her mingling in political affairs. People saw her as unskilled and unfit for what she was trying to do. Many criticized her speeches and judged her intelligence due to the lack of experience and education. They believed that she should keep her place and
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be a domestic housewife like many other women were during that time period. Politics were no place for a woman especially of that reputation. There extreme polarized views about Evita depending on the social class that the
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Evita peron's essay - Belen Cardenas Professor Snodgrass...

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