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Belen Cardenas March 16, 2007 Barrows Hard Times This book contains Terkel’s interviews with people who survived the depression. He interviewed different types of people who had to deal with the depression in different ways. Each individual had his own opinion about the depression and a specific manner in which he dealt with it. There were different types of people like farmers, industrial workers, stockholders, miners, and wealthy individuals. Farmers lost their land and property. Their houses were being foreclosed. The farmers also had to dump their produce because they were over supplying. This helped raise the market price of the produce, which benefited the farmers. As Oscar Heline, the person interviewed, observed, “The farmers would man the highways, and cream cans were emptied in ditches and eggs dumped out. They burned the trestle bridge, so the trains wouldn’t be able to haul again” (p.218). Harry Terrel believed that the small farmers were the ones who were affected the most during the depression. First of all there was no one to work on the farms because most of the young people in the family were heading to the big cities. This results in the farm being bought by a big land holding in the community. Terrel draws a conclusion to the disappearing farms, “The individual farmer is becoming a thing of the past. Larger and larger holdings, fewer and fewer people. Even a fellow farming eight hundred acres now, which he doesn’t own, is right up againstthe buzz saw” (p.216).He related that the only reason his brother in law still had his small farm was because he turned everything on his farm into cattle feed and then to beef. This helped his brother in law prosper more because the beef from beef farmers was used by factory workers. Grain farmers suffered more during the depression because they traded their crops for cash.
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hard+times - Belen Cardenas March 16, 2007 Barrows Hard...

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