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Silvana Cardenas H106 Barrows April 9, 2007 Writing Assignment #3 President John F. Kennedy made the correct decision in issuing a blockade around Cuba. He clearly analyzed his options and took his time discussing the issue with the Ex Comm in order to make sure that he made the most intelligent decision. He accepted recommendations from individuals who had opinions on both aspects of the situation. Some were in favor of the blockade, and some where in favor of the military attack. Kennedy was stressed out due to the fact that many people in Congress were focused mainly on a military attack. They felt that force would be a better choice in order to solve this matter. In their eyes, there was no room for lenience because that would not solve anything, and it would make matters worse. Individuals who were for the military attack argued that, “a blockade would not in fact remove the missiles and would not even stop the work from going ahead on the missile sites themselves.”(p34) They also stated that the U.S should be focused on controlling Cuba and its leader instead of bringing conflict with the Soviet Union by intercepting the ships. However, the strongest and most convincing argument was that if they did enforce a blockade, then the Russians would surely do the same to Berlin. These people preferred a more drastic approach toward the missile crisis. They believed that a blockade was too lenient and would not solve anything. The people in favor of the military attack believed that if they used a blockade, the
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History+assignment+_3 - Silvana Cardenas H106 Barrows April...

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