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Belen Cardenas Tim Bennet Informational Interview Report 10/27/2009 The career that most interests me is one as a financial analyst. There’s a broad range of different things that can be done with a degree in finance as well as a great opportunity for advancement. There are important skills that come with being a financial analyst. For example, a person has to have a strong aptitude for numbers and working with the concept of materiality. A financial analyst does not worry so much about precision, but makes decisions and recommendations according to his opinion depending on the company’s situation. He relies somewhat on a gut feeling after thoroughly analyzing the company’s cost vs. benefits. An analyst must have great aptitude in navigating through the company’s financial statements and people networks to get all the information necessary to begin to analyze. An analyst needs to understand managerial concepts and needs to be able to apply them, and they need to have the ability to use databases and spreadsheets to organize and visually see the company’s financial situation. This allows for more accuracy when dealing with numbers and coming up with a final decision. They also need to be good at solution assessments and validations. They need to verify how the solution is expected to be corrected, how to implement the solutions. Financial Analysts also need soft skills like the ability to plan and manage. An analyst needs to figure out which requirements are the priorities for implementation when trying to make a decision and they are apt in handling change in the company. They need to have excellent communication so that they can inform the team members of any changes that need to be implemented as a result of the analysis. They need to have excellent leadership and management skills in order to direct the team in the right direction when implementing change. In order to become an individual that is apt for this position, I would have to improve my management and leadership skills in order to control what changes I would like to implement. Working with people and being a leader in a team to complete tasks is a crucial element for a financial analyst. I would need time and practice in order to develop these skills. I do, however; have great communication skills when working with people when getting my main points and ideas across. I also have experience with databases and spreadsheets which would bring me to an advantage. The corporation that I decided to research about is called the flying food group. It’s a company that produces and custom designs high quality food for customers in airline catering for sixty airlines throughout the world. Their product is based on their emphasis on quality and cost efficiency. It also consists of the company fresh food group which specializes in the private package of retailers like grocery and specialty products. The individuals to prepare the foods are top of the line executive chefs who carefully
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informational interview paper - Belen Cardenas Tim Bennet...

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