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Food Preparation, Quality Control and Purchasing We strive to maintain high quality standards. Our systems are designed to protect our food supply at all times, from procurement through the preparation process. We provide detailed specifications to suppliers for our food ingredients, products and supplies. Our restaurant managers are certified in a comprehensive food safety and sanitation course, ServSafe® which was developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. We negotiate directly with independent suppliers for our supply of food and paper products. Domestically, we use members of UniPro Food Services, Inc., a national cooperative of independent food distributors, to distribute these products to our restaurants. To maximize our purchasing efficiencies and obtain the lowest possible prices for our ingredients, products and supplies, our purchasing team negotiates prices based on the system-wide usage of both company-owned and franchised restaurants. We believe that competitively priced, high quality alternative manufacturers, suppliers, growers and distributors are available should the need arise. T. Marzetti Company produces our signature sauces, and they maintain sufficient inventory levels to
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