Individual research assignment p301

Individual research assignment p301 - Silvana Cardenas...

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Silvana Cardenas Ippolito Research Assignment 3/7/11 I worked for a company called GovPayNet. It is a third processing party company that provides a free payment service to government agencies so that they can avoid the fees that are included in processing payments with a debit or credit card. Instead GovPayNet charges the customer a percent in addition to their payment in order for the transaction to get processed and completed. Each agency has a unique pay location code that identifies it in order for the customer and the service representative to know where to send the payment to. Once this information is verified and approved, the government payments then get transferred to the correct agency. The types of payments that GovPayNet processes are child support payments, tickets, bond payments, tax penalties, and commissary deposits. The current process works like this, first the caller calls the main inbound call line. He/she has different options to choose from on the automated system for example press 1 for child support 2 for bond payments Etc. After the customer has chosen one of these options, the automated system will then ask the customer to give more information regarding the pay location code, which individual the payment is for, the credit card information, and other information specific to whichever agency the payment is being sent to. The computer system then shows the service representative that a call is coming through and what type of call it is. When the service representative answers the phone, the individual then needs to refresh the screen to obtain the information that the customer delivered through the automated system. Each individual agency requires specific and unique information from the customer depending on the payment type. The service representative will then confirm all of the information that the automated system received
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Individual research assignment p301 - Silvana Cardenas...

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