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country dispute write up - Belen Cardenas Malatestinik...

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Belen Cardenas Malatestinik February, 23, 2009 Write up When we first got together to plan how we were going to negotiate, we tried to come up with a strategy on how we were going to solve the dispute and what parts we were going to tackle first. We decided that first we were going to analyze and decide upon the area that would impact our countries the most. We began with deciding on how to divide the territory that included the coastal valley and mountains. That included the lands that were divided into townships. Since most of the individuals and natural resources inhabited the land, we decided that out of the two areas the one who needed to be settled upon first was area I. This area was filled with so many crucial natural resources that each of us needed to stop the hunger and crisis in our country. So that became our first priority. We began counting the points to see what territories we would need in order to satisfy our points as well as the natural resources that were needed to satisfy hunger and any deficiencies. After we finished counting, we realized that none of us could completely fulfill all of our needs. We decided to compromise and still split the land equally giving up the idea that we could both be completely satisfied. If one of the
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country dispute write up - Belen Cardenas Malatestinik...

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