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global warming essay

global warming essay - Belen Cardenas Jennifer Nelson G 130...

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Belen Cardenas Jennifer Nelson G 130 Sept 27, 2009 There are many misconceptions with global warming due to the fact that people don’t know how it works, why it’s happening, how scientists gather data which proves that global warming exists, and the lack of information being transmitted about the effects and consequences of global warning. Just recently the global warming idea started to shift from a political scheme to an actual scientific problem. Before I took G 130, I had limited knowledge of how global warming actually worked and how it actually could affect our society. One of my biggest misconceptions was that Europe was the continent most vulnerable to global warming not Africa. From the choices given, Europe was the continent that was most developed technologically. Europe has a vast amount of industrialization and emits a great amount of green house gasses every year. Because it is a highest emitter from the choices given, it would make sense to think that it would suffer greatly from global warming because of all the industrialization and development that occurs in that continent. This idea lead to my belief that countries that are more developed than others are more prone to global warming than countries that are not developed at all. However, according to the committee on energy independence and global warming, even though Africa is the country with the least admissions it is the country that is most vulnerable to global warming. Because it is so underdeveloped, it doesn’t have
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the money or resources to invest in energy efficient items or different methods to reduce the effects of global warming. They can’t adapt very well or mitigate to the detrimental changes in the climate or recover from any damages caused by extreme conditions. Africa is already low on food and resources, and its case is already severe. The stress by global
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global warming essay - Belen Cardenas Jennifer Nelson G 130...

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