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The OC and Gossip Girl - Jill Doverspike The OC and Gossip...

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Jill Doverspike 5/4/2010 The OC and Gossip Girl: Shaping Culture since 2003 Media has been shaping culture for centuries through many sources. Television is, of course, no exception. Television has been influential in the shaping of culture since its very start. In 2003, a show called The OC was aired, and with the start of this show, a huge fan following. With viewership nearing 10 million among various episodes, it is no secret that The OC was all the rage, once reported by the New York Times as having, “…glamorous locations, beautiful actors and hip soundtrack…[it] defined new trends for music, fashion, celebrity and, of course, television…”(Edward, 2007). From the music and clothes, to the attitudes and realistic situations the characters were often found in, the show was relatable, and thus shaped a society. Unfortunately, after a 4 year run, The OC was cancelled and with it many hearts were crushed. However, that same year, another new show, Gossip Girl, was developed and with it, another huge fan following. Both shows, similar in their make-up, have been very influential in the media industry. They have shaped teen culture, in specific-through fashion and music, and have changed the lives of millions. The OC is a “teen drama” television series that originally aired on the Fox network from August 5, 2003, to February 22, 2007, running for a total of four completed seasons. The series, which was created by Josh Schwartz, portrayed the fictional lives of a group of teenagers and their families residing in Newport Beach in Orange County, California. The OC has been broadcast in more than 50 countries worldwide and was one of the most popular new dramas of 2003. It attracted a strong 9.7 million viewers for its first season, but eventually ratings dropped, and the show was cancelled in 2007 after its fourth season. During its running, it was nominated for 18 awards and won 14 of those awards, including Favorite Television Drama at the People’s Choice Awards in 2005(“The OC,” 2007).
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Jill Doverspike 5/4/2010 Those are the basics, but the show was so much more than that to the millions of dedicated viewers. The OC was “real” in that it was something the viewers could relate to. What made it so addictive? Perhaps it was the plot or the characters. The show focused on the lives of several teenagers, starting with the adorable Ryan Atwood, played by Benjamin Mackenzie. Ryan was a troubled teenager from a broken home in Chino, California. He is adopted in the first episode by the wealthy Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, played by Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan(both of whom were well known actors previous to The OC) . Seth Cohen- played by Adam Brody, who is the son of Sandy and Kirsten, befriends Ryan. Seth is socially awkward and quirky, spending most of his time playing video games and reading comic books. He and Ryan both find themselves very out of place in high-class world of Newport Beach,
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The OC and Gossip Girl - Jill Doverspike The OC and Gossip...

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