Homosexuality - Homosexuality 14:13 Babys

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Homosexuality 14:13 Babys When looking at a baby we can’t always tell if they are male or female. Look at what they are wearing, name, other clues Example Took a group of babies both male and female and dressed them in pink, names were  neither masculine or feminine (Jordan, Terry, Taylor) people described them with  feminine terms Same group was dressed in blue people described them as masculine Gender norms Sexual orientation Classify people according to who they are emotionally attracted to, sexually attracted to,  or who they identify with. Least Accepting Most Accepting Countries where people are killed because  of them being gay Legal recognition Our attitudes are about 50% regarding gay couples A few states recognize gay marriage Only recognized in that state Same-sex feeling Behavior Self-identification Homosexual identification Men Women Same-sex Feeling 6% 4% Behavior 9% 4% Self-identification 2.8% 1.4%
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Homosexuality - Homosexuality 14:13 Babys

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