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MM320 Flyer Final Draft - Who invented Algebra? What role...

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Have you ever wondered about Mathematics and where it all came from? Ever taken a math class and thought: Math History We have a new course which answers these questions and more! We are excited to bring you MM320 Math History . This is like no other math course you have ever taken ! In this course you will learn mathematics through history. You will get a chance to explore other cultures, understand the origin of modern mathematics, learn about famous mathematicians, create Jing casts, and discover the relationship between math and art.
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Unformatted text preview: Who invented Algebra? What role have women had in the develop-ment of modern mathematics? Is there more math to discover? Did only the ancient Greeks contribute to our current mathematical understanding? (No!) For example, did you know: The number zero was missing from our current number system for a LONG time? The geometry we learned in high school isn’t really the geometry of our world? Mathematics is embedded in art and culture throughout time? MM320 Intrigued? . .. The Course starts in 2011! Sign up now!...
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