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Discussion Board Rubric Guidelines for Evaluating Discussion (Total Points = 25) Timeliness & Frequency (25% of total points) Breadth and Depth of Responses (50% of total points) Clarity, Organization, Grammar , Mechanics (25% of total points) 90-100% Exceptional 6 points 13 points 6 points Responses to each discussion question are across at least three days during the unit (Wednesday - Tuesday) Responses are to several (3 5) students during the discussion(s) Contributions to each discussion question and to classmates - are thoughtful, include original evaluation, synthesis or analysis of the topic on the discussion board Responses are relevant, meaningful, tactful, and original. Responses advance the discussion on the discussion board Contributions are clear and concise Contributions are mechanically and grammatically correct 80-89% Exceeds 5 points 11-12 points 5 points Minimum of two postings on each discussion question one original post and one response to
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