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KSA Statements: Human Resource Receptionist Student Name Task Statement (copy/paste all task statements here) Knowledge (cognitive skill) Skill (learned) Ability (competence) 1 Maintain personnel files as needed so information is organized and easy to locate for future use. Organization’s filing system Filing Protocol Alphabetize Organize 100% Accuracy Retrieve reports 2 Assist the public and/or employees with personnel questions so that any and all questions are answered in a timely and effective manner. Where to find necessary information Handling people’s questions 100% Accuracy Professionally Discretely 3 Follow company policy when distributing information to anyone who requests it to ensure that the information is given out accurately and in accordance with the company’s policy. Company policy on distributing information Federal/State regulations for distributing personal information How to distribute information (in writing, etc.) What information cannot be given to public or other employees 100% Accuracy Discretely Professionally Legally 4 Review and process forms for personnel changes in order to keep all personnel files accurate and up to date with necessary requirements and/or changes. Company’s Filing
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This note was uploaded on 11/15/2011 for the course HR 590 taught by Professor Smith during the Spring '10 term at Keller Graduate School of Management.

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KSA_Statement_Template[1] - KSA Statements Human Resource...

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