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AC337 Final Exam: 1) You’re in another culture where the musical concept of the blues doesn’t exist. Someone asks you what music you like and you say “blues.” They say, “What’s that?” How would you describe the blues to them? (These people are really interested and want to know not only what it is, but also where it came from.) 2) One could posit that there appear to be dualities (sometimes existing as binary oppositions such as found between spiritual and secular elements of the blues) within all elements of the blues, and part of the job of a blues musician has always been to reconcile these differences and oppositions. This is a way in which the blues musician really was a social worker for his or her community. Muddy Waters, for instance, had no problem straddling the line for his audience between modern sounds and the demands of urbanity and still relating to his audience by talking about hoodoo roots and southern folk beliefs. Identify three such dualities/oppositions (you can use the
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