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Buying Decision - several colleges and try to make the best...

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I strongly believe that the consumer goes through the buyer decision process when choosing a college and these are my reasons: 1. Need Recognition- There must be a reason why the consumer made the decision to go to college, whether it is to further education, financial reasons, lead by example, or self satisfaction. 2. Information Search- I don’t think that anyone attend college without getting any type of information about it, in which the consumer would ask a friend that attend that college about their financial information, location, population, etc. Information can also obtain by just a simple talk with an advisor. 3. Evaluation of Alternatives- Based upon the information gather, the consumer evaluates
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Unformatted text preview: several colleges and try to make the best decision to attend the college that fits the best. 4. Purchase Decision- when I made the decision to attend Ashford, the price that I was expected to pay was almost exact after discussing it over with my financial aid advisor. Their slogan also got me that state, “Quality education is made affordable.” 5. Postpurchase Behavior – After purchasing, then the consumer looks into what he/she got into and see if its worth it, if its not worth it then the consumer might quit but if its worth it then the consumer is very happy with the decision that was made and that’s how I felt when I started my courses at Ashford....
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