Death, Dying, and Bereavement

Death, Dying, and Bereavement - to spend a lot of time...

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If I knew that I was going to die in the next six months, it would be a little bit hard for me to think about a theoretical perspective that I can relate to when there would be a million things going through my mind. However, if I can relate this experience to what I’ve read throughout my text I would have to say that Kubler-Ross Stages of Dying would best fit my reaction. “Kubler- Ross’s model predicts that most people who are confronted with a terminal diagnosis react with some variant of “Not me!” “It must be a mistake,” “I’ll get another opinion,” or “I don’t feel sick.” Adult Development (pg. 233) After my period of acceptance, I think that I would start to think about the people I love and how can I make the best of each moment we spend together. I don’t think that I would want
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Unformatted text preview: to spend a lot of time sleeping; instead I would try to get caught up on a lot of things that I never had a chance to do. I would definitely quit my job, tell my wife I love her every chance I get, show my kids the best time of their lives (even though I’m doing it now), and make sure that I’m at the right place with the Lord. To be honest, I had never thought about this before and it’s a little bit difficult for me to think about everything that I would do if I knew that I was going to die in the next six months. There are so many things I have planned which I know that I would not get to accomplish in the next six months. Maybe I would borrow the biggest loan that I could get and take the next six months vacationing with my family....
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