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I would have to say that one my favorite film that I have seen in the last year would have  to be “The Dark Knight.” I am a great fan of Heath Ledger, I am so sad that he died, but when  you can have an actor that you love so much plays the part an evil villain and cause you not to  like them in the movie, there is no doubt that it is a well directed movie. Even though I didn’t like  him playing a villain, I would have to say that he did a very good job at it. This Batman has got to  be the best one that I have seen so far. Unlike the others that seem to be more unreal, this one had 
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Unformatted text preview: a better story line to it, the stunts are more realistic and there were a whole lot more emotion in this one. I love the picture and also the action. One of my favorite seen is when Batman jumps off the ceiling and lands right on top of a car and smash it in the middle. I really like that fact that they didn’t go over board with animation. It was altogether a great movie and I would watch over again....
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