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Job characteristics analysis - be paid on time to avoid...

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After analyzing my job characteristics model and how I would change the job to make it more motivating, these are some examples of the five characteristics that determine how motivating the job is: Skill variety: My job requires data entry, knowledge of Microsoft word, power-point, excel, good communication skills, good listening skills, work well under pressure, accounting and good customer service. Task identity: As an accounts payable processor, I am required to key 100 invoices a day in our system while handling customer service calls. Task significance: It is very important that I do my job accurately while making high production because it not only helps me to look good but also the department as an average and our bills will
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Unformatted text preview: be paid on time to avoid unhappy freelancers, vendors, and bill collectors. Autonomy: My employer gives my more than enough time to reach my numbers for the day. Some days I key over 200 invoices to average more than what is expected of me, so my manager looks into how much we process and some of the issues we might run into, then decides to set our numbers at a reachable amount. Incentives are also given to those who key the most invoices per month as part of motivation. Feedback: Because my job requires good customer satisfaction and minimum errors, I am notified immediately when I doing something wrong that I constantly do or may not be aware of. I also get rewarded for doing an outstanding job....
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