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Medium and Message - is endorse by Hanes to promote their...

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After reading chapter 2 and 3, I think that the relationship between a medium and a message is pretty simple; you cannot have the message without the medium. Because the medium is visual, you can always determine how you want to send you message and the way that you want it to be viewed by the media or those who it’s being sold to. The affect a medium have on a message it carries is very important in order for one to understand the interpretation or what the message is saying exactly. For example, Michael Jordan
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Unformatted text preview: is endorse by Hanes to promote their underwear and undershirts, because to how comforting and relaxing his facial expression is whenever he’s wearing the product, it’s telling me that Hanes undergarments are very smoothing to the skin and also very comforting to wear and for every Michael Jordan fan, you would definitely want have the product to feel the same comfort that he is experiencing....
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