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Organization Analysis - are living in. Conde Nast also...

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There is no question that Conde Nast Publication is a learning organization. We are number in publishing magazine in the United States and to stay on the top we constantly create new ideas and learn news material to stay at number one. Conde Nast started out by just publishing magazines that you can buy and read; now we have taken it a little further by adding CondeNet, which is known for our internet related sites. The media can now get the best of what we offer in our magazines off the internet, which works a lot better for the modern times that we
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Unformatted text preview: are living in. Conde Nast also learn and create new ideas from some of its competitors by buying their magazine, brainstorm it, to see if there is anything we can learn from and if there are room for improvement we are ready to make the adjustment. To stay at number one you have to be willing to take risks, not only that but you have to get back up from each failure and learn from every mistakes and that’s what Conde Nast does....
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