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I do believe that a photograph can capture the essence of a person, and also merely records the  image of the person. I have seen photographers brings out the best out a photograph even when  the person may not be that way in “real life” or does not portray the image that’s on the paper.  With the technology that we have especially in these modern days, you can show the true beauty  in someone or something that doesn’t appears or seems to be beautiful. With the right settings,  contrast, posing etc. you can believe in whatsoever the image is saying to its viewers.
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Unformatted text preview: On the other hand, what you may see on a piece of paper may not always be the real thing. A lot of actors that does commercials to advertise or promote a product whether its clothes or cosmetics, portray an image so as to get the viewers to actually believe that the product will make them (the viewers) look the same way or have the same experience as the actors, which may not be true....
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