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Stereotypes - STEREOTYPES Stereotypes Kenroy Fletcher...

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STEREOTYPES Stereotypes Kenroy Fletcher PHI103: Informal Logic Daniel Haynes June 13, 2011 Stereotypes A stereotype is a generalization about people in different society classes. Our ability to create stereotypes is more active when we are not capable or reluctant to obtain all of the information we would need to make reasonable judgments about people or situations. Stereotypes are just another way to label an individual in today’s society. Most often the stereotypes are viewed as unfair and most likely cause unjust behavior which could lead into bias situation. This in return can result in an innocently created and perpetuate stereotype, but these stereotypes often lead to
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STEREOTYPES unjust discrimination and harassment when the stereotype is unfavorable or unfamiliar with a person. In the news right now where I live, there are innocent people being jumped in the subway for no reason at all. The latest victim suffered an asthma attack and died. These three boys are being charged with murder. So now every time you see a group of thugs in the subway you think you are in danger where you really don’t know and you are just stereotyping them. Most of society has inherited all about stereotypes from watching television and going to the movies and reading books. We are introduced to stereotypes at a very young age, the older we get the more pertinent they become. There are stereotypes in just about every class in our society today. I will further discuss these four stereotypes (1) Politicians, (2) Tattooed Persons, (3) Feminists, (4) Senior Citizens. What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “politicians”? Liar! The biggest stereotype for any politician to overcome is to prove that what they say will happen if they are elected. Politicians are most often labeled as liars. This is because they don't always fulfill everything they talk about during their campaign trail. “The fact is that politicians who win
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