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Walmart vs target - mention their roll back prices which...

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Based on my experience with both Wal-mart and Target retail stores, I would say that they both have similarities in selling merchandise at lower prices with lower margins and high volumes but they both have quite a few differences when it comes to market their merchandise. For example, Wal-mart has variety of service which includes food products, clothing, household items, take portraits, or servicing your car. It’s like having your all in one store for a low price, not to
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Unformatted text preview: mention their roll back prices which can be unbeatable in comparison to anywhere else. On the other hand Target has cornered the market on all that is trendy, even their build have a bit more finesse to it. Target seems to be cleaner and even though their merchandise is very low in prices they attract more upper class than Wal-mart. You will always find a target store in a safer neighborhood and their customer service is exceptional....
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