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Pascual Duarte Essay Body - Pascual Duarte, a Killer...

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Pascual Duarte, a Killer Formatted From Birth? In The Family of Pascual Duarte, by Camilo José Cela we encounter an extremely complex and tortured individual, Pascual Duarte. Duarte grew up in Spain on the Portuguese border in a rural village in a lower-class or even poor family. Duarte saw a lot of abuse happen within his family and grew up in such a dark and gloomy environment that it became part of him, ‘‘It is a strange thing but if as a child I was taken out of range of that stench I felt the anguish of death.’’ (Cela 20). Pascual Duarte’s early childhood was filled with tragedies, the birth of his handicapped brother Mario coincided with the death of his father, who had had constantly beat his mother and himself. The only person that was spared his father’s wrath was his sister, Rosario, who eventually leads a miserable existence herself, selling her body at a local whorehouse. Being raised in such an environment doesn’t justify Duarte’s actions as an adult but it instills violence in the mind. In Shirley Lynn Scott’s article entitled Monsters or Victims? What They Are and Who They Kill it states that According to the F.B.I’s definition of a serial killer, a serial killer must have killed a minimum of three to four people, with a ‘‘cooling off period in between’’. Pascual Duarte is a serial killer according to this definition, having killed for certain Stretch, his mother, and Don Jésus Gonzalez de la Riva. It is interesting to note the fact that many serial killers consider themselves victims. They claim that are controlled by violent impulses, like a drug addict seeking out his drug for a fix, or an obese person desperate for a bite to eat. Even though there is not a single recurring trait that can be found in every known serial killer, many traits are found in a majority of them. Shirley Lynn Scott’s states in her article that: ‘‘Statistically, the
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Pascual Duarte Essay Body - Pascual Duarte, a Killer...

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