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J.I. AS101 Reading Question Chapter 8 #6 6/12/07 4. Describe each of the three key processes that led the solar nebula to take the form of a spinning disk. What observational evidence supports this scenario? As the cloud begins to collapse its rotation is extremely slow. Because of the conservation of energy, as the cloud collapses and condenses the cloud heats up and because of the conservation of angular momentum the cloud picks up rotational speed as it condenses. As particles collide the cloud flattens out to a disk then you are left with a
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Unformatted text preview: spinning condensed disk with heat and energy concentrated in the center. The Hubble Space Telescope has observed a few stars with flattened disks of debris surrounding them. It can also be observed in our galaxy in other systems besides just stars. The rings formed around some planets in our solar system for example are observational evidence that supports the flattening of constant colliding collisions....
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