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This blog and video take a up a great point, that standardized testing is underestimating learning. It doesn’t take a lot of educational factors into account. The video shows very well that the tests are only testing the curriculum the state wants. However, the curriculum the teacher wants to implement is not taken into consideration. There is so much emphasis on these tests that do not test the student’s knowledge but their ability to take tests. It was said "’Students’ Goal Orientations and Cognitive Engagement in Classroom Activities’" demonstrates that students who are taught to skim, guess, and skip hard problems score much higher than those who reread passages, ask questions, carefully weigh options, and look for novel solutions. It is the latter skills that we should be trying to teach.” Teachers are there to teach content and life skills not test taking ability, at that is what I thought. President Obama even made a statement saying there is so much more to take into account with grading than just these standardized tests. He also
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