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Matinee2 - the walls of the room Another set of work that...

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John Ibsen DR099 – Matinee 5/3/07 School of Visual Arts MFA Thesis Presentation at 808 Comm. Ave. The presentation of art projects from masters candidates was an interesting look into the work that goes on across town at CFA. Each artist had three or more pieces on display most of which were some form of a series supporting a thesis. After browsing the gallery I looked through the binders of select projects to read through some of the artists statements to get a peak into the decisions behind some of the work. One the works I liked was the set of paintings of the kitchen. The artist took a deep perspective into the room to reveal all three walls of the room. A good portion of the painting was made up of the empty kitchen floor. This draws a good portion of the eye away from the other elements, but juxtaposes with the importance of the elements around
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Unformatted text preview: the walls of the room. Another set of work that stood out was a series of paintings that included a large galaxy-like painting. The artist decided to take out a square or rectangular portion of each painting and replaced it with what could be a separate portion of another painting. This provided a strange break in a larger composition. The other paintings in the artists’ series broke the traditional border of the painting. Several of his pieces broke the line of the border by extending a rectangle of the work off the side. This provided a troublesome pull of the eyes but it also brought a level of interest to the entire composition. Overall the exhibit was a fun collection of many different artists and different types of art. Reading through the thesis binders and concept work was an educating view into how things work over there....
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