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IRWIN 9e 9_84 - lwvin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: lwvin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis. 9/E 1 9.8:} An industrial lflflLl consumer: 4—4 W." at Ill-32 11f lugging [rum 21 24B -"v"1'm.~a fill-Hr. line. A bank nt' capacitor}; mulling EDD p.F i5 available. ll" thew: czij'lauitm's :ch placed in pzu'ullrcl with the luml. wlmt is the new pit-wcr factor n[' the [null lib-aili-1 SOLUTION: laid, Mkw b QM: m" (0.22.): 59.92 \IL: AHO L9u \lfimrw a: 600 A? a h 3014: PM 3 Mr PFDLQL Sold 5 55-66 ,KVA $0M ., 55-66 Lawn" KVA CQolol = 30”” KVM QC, 3 L0 CVLL‘ “(377)(60ou)(&go)°’ 615: 43.03 blow Chapter 9: Steady —- State Power Analysis Problem 9.84 2 Irwin. Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E _______________________.___.__ ; Problem 9.84 Chapter 9: Steady — State Power Analysis ...
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