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IRWIN 9e 9_90

IRWIN 9e 9_90 - lwvin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: lwvin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E 1 9.9:: A particular load has a pf 01" 0.8 lagging. The power delivered to the lead is 4|] kW from a EEO-V rms fifl—I—Iz line. What value of capacitance placed in parallel with [he had will raise the pf [p ‘19 lagging? SOLUTION: Sum: 9°14 - 40k ”Dior 0.2; goleli 50kVA . Sold: w" (0.8): 36‘81—0 “$0M = 5b l§6~81° KVA Q0101 = Im (fatal) : 30k Von: D Shtu); Polo! 2 _______l_§_.. :HHxl‘lHliVA Wm M Snug: W—'(0~9)= ai§.8q° a wwemw m QMLQ -. Im (gnaw) QM“: (9.5? quY Qc: QNLQ- @0141 (Dr: IMM— 3o): QC: --lD‘ 63k Var Chapter 9: Steady - State Power Analysis Problem 9.90 l ...
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