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Food Service Equipment - 5 Equipped with a thermostat •...

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Food Service Equipment 1. Assembly serve food service system Do not need any cooking, just warming up 2. Heavier gauge than 20 gauge stainless steel. Self-leveling cabinets Gauge the bigger the number the thinner the stainless steel 18 gauge 3. Aluminum Parts Universal Ledge racks Tray racks 4. Equipped with a timer (note steamers do not have thermostats) Food mixer Convection oven Cub steamer (Allows you to walk away)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Equipped with a thermostat • Convention oven • Braising pan • Steam jacketed kettle • Range • Sandwich prep table 6. Prepare Pancakes • Tilting Braising Pan • Griddle 7. Cook vegetables • Tilting braising pan • Compartment steamer • Steam jacketed kettle • Convection oven 8. Can be purchased with casters • Refrigerator • Convection oven 9. Adjustable length legs...
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