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Food Safety - Salmonella Listeria EcoliEPEC EcoliEIEC...

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Salmonella  Listeria Ecoli EPEC Ecoli EIEC  Ecoli ETEC Ecoli 0157 Shigella Yersinia Vibro Para Camplyobacter Bacillus Cereus Gram  Negative Positive Gram  Negative Negative Negative Gram  Negative Negative Gram  Negative Negative Negative Negative Positive Morphology  Short rods Regular short Rods, single pairs or short chains Morphology  Short Rods Short Rods Short Rods Morphology  Short Rods Short Rods Morphology  Short rods Short rods Short rods slender, curved, s-shaped or spiral rod Spore non-spore forming Spore Spore non spore Spore Motility Motile Motility Motility non-motile, no H antigen Motility darting cork screw like motility  Breathing Facultativley anaerobic  Breathing Breathing aerobic Breathing Strict anaerobe Strict anaerobe Strict anaerobe Temperature 8-48 C Temperature Temperature mesophilic Temperature Lactose Lactose -, Hydrogen sulfide + Lactose Lactose Lactose negative Lactose Oxidase Oxidase -ve  Oxidase Oxidase -ve Oxidase -ve Oxidase -ve Oxidase Oxidase -ve Oxidase negative Oxidase Oxidase +ve Oxidase +ve Oxidase +ve oxidase positive Catalase Catalase (+) Catalase Catalase around 5, not tolerant Catalase Catalase (-) Catalase (-) Catalase (-) Catalase (+) pH 4.0-9.5 pH pH pH pH 4.9-9.5 aW >0.93 aW aW aW Salt tolerance Up to 4.1 NaCl, Salt tolerant Salt tolerance Salt tolerance Salt tolerance Infectious dose Infectious dose Infectious dose Infectious dose <1,000 cells  Susceptability Susceptability Susceptability Susceptability Onset Time 8 to 72 hours after exposure Problem of long incubation time 3-70 days Onset Time
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