A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily - Matt Deis Mr. McNerney ETS 104 23 March...

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Unformatted text preview: Matt Deis Mr. McNerney ETS 104 23 March 2010 Subjectivity in A Rose for Emily The Deep South of America has some of the most established and long lasting traditions the United States has ever seen. Traditional Southern families truly do live entirely different lives than that of most other Americans. One of the main staples of traditional southern life is an intense sense of conservatism and a very strong stance against most liberal ideals. In the case of Miss Emily Grierson, the environment is which she was born in was a breeding ground for subjectivity. Throughout Miss Emilys entire life she was subject to the fact that she was female and this subjectivity was only strengthened because of southern Americas heightened specific expectations for women in their society. Straying away from any part of routine female tradition in Miss Emilys society was looked upon with a sense of pity as if the rest of the community felt bad for any woman who was not well enough to realize her role in society; this role being one of a wife, a caretaker, a mother and countless other unavoidable...
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