American Dream

American Dream - My future seems to be the topic of choice...

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Unformatted text preview: My future seems to be the topic of choice for just about anyone who I have spoken to throughout the last six months. With High School graduation just three months away and my college decision left in a seemingly perpetual sate of indecisiveness, the pressure of the future is about to crack the bow of my already abnormally large skull. Things that seemed so simple before have proven themselves to be what many choose to refer to as “real life.” Sure, I knew I would eventually reach this point just like every other graduate has before me, but I thought about things differently when I was younger. As an underclassman, the realities of growing older are simply not realities at all. You know that there are things everyone has to go through, but you do not actually realize what it takes to do them. The realities of growing up are collected into groups inside the minds of people who have not yet experienced them. Once theses people get old enough to put things into chronological order, these groups then become steps in life and it is not...
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