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Jane Tompkins - Matt Deis Mr. McNerney WRT 105 11 November...

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Matt Deis Mr. McNerney WRT 105 11 November 2009 Pg. 2 “In a sense, my encounter with the Indians as an adult doing “research” replicates the childhood one, for while I started out to learn more about Indians, I ended up preoccupied with a problem of my own.” This excerpt connected with me automatically. As I am growing older I am noticing myself that the ideas I had about certain things when I was younger are beginning to change drastically. As a child you relate everything you see in the world to the books you read and the educational shows you watch. Firemen are gods, mailmen are always nice to you and native Americans, or “Indians” as we knew them back then, still lived in tepees and hunted buffalo on the Great Plains. But as I got older I realized that I could not group these people together in categories like that. There are thousands of firemen in just New York State alone and each and every one of them is their own person with their own ideas and beliefs and values. My own epiphany has allowed me to relate to Miss. Tompkins dilemma by showing us both that personal experience is the best education one can get. Pg. 3 “If studying history couldn’t put us in touch with actual events and their causes, then what was to prevent such atrocities from happening again?” After reading this sentence I discovered what is wrong with today’s’ educational system, but more specifically the history and geographical departments. Everyone knows history repeats itself, so why not
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Jane Tompkins - Matt Deis Mr. McNerney WRT 105 11 November...

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