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Matt Deis Mr.McNerney PA English 9/21/09 Pg. 1 “…to focus his viewer’s attention not on a single painting in isolation but on [ways of seeing] in general…” It is quite rare that a writer would so blatantly state his intentions so early on in his writing, and actually call his work an “exercise” for other readers to build upon. Reading this definitely gives off the impression that Mr. Berger believes himself to be at a much higher level of thinking than that of the reader, which can either be a turn off to the reader or make them want to continue reading and learn from him. In this instance if I did not finish the reading, I would not have completed the assignment; therefore I had to finish reading it. But I would be interested to see other people’s reactions to the reading if they had the option of whether to continue or not. Pg. 2 “Our vision is continually active, continually moving, continually holding things in a circle around itself, constituting what is present to us as we are.” There are many parts of the human body that are designed to be active as long as that body is alive, but the human eye is one of the few organs that is constantly relaying information to the rest of the body. The mere sight of something can literally give someone the chills. An intangible piece of information can be relayed and transformed into a physical reaction all because of the eye. The eyes offer a complete terrain and environmental assessment to the rest of the body allowing it to make certain decisions. An eye offers no judgment, no opinion, it just delivers the facts and the brain takes it from there complicating the images
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John Berger - Matt Deis Mr.McNerney PA English 9/21/09 Pg....

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