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Matt Deis Mr. McNerney WRT 105 26 October 2009 Money for Pregnancy, Vacations For Free It is now safe to say that reality T.V. has hypnotized the hearts and minds of American television viewers. On almost any channel, a reality show can be found. From chefs, to interior designers, to drug addicts, reality T.V. covers it all. The best reality shows out there are the shows that are not too far stretched from true reality. Viewers want to at least think they relate to the people they are watching on the screen and what better way to achieve that connection than by creating a show about family dynamics. Jon and Kate Plus 8 is the model reality television show to exemplify the hypervisible big family idea in America. Jon and Kate Plus 8 is a reality television show that follows the lives of the Gosselin family who include, parents Jon and Kate, twins Cara Nicole and Madelyn Kate, and sextuplets Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden
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Jonathan, Collin Thomas, Leah Hope, and Joel Kevin. Yes, there are eight of them and, yes, they all have the same parents. The show originated as a one-hour special entitled Surviving Sextuplets and Twins and has grown into a national phenomenon. Jon and Kate Plus Eight is the highest rated show on TLC and had 9.8 million viewers for its fifth season premiere, making it the most watched show on television that night. So what is on this show that can attract almost ten million people to their television sets and keep them entertained for a full hour? Anything and everything an average American family does not do, that is what is on this show. The creation of the show, and its economic benefits, have allowed both Jon and Kate to leave their old jobs and become full time parents giving the TLC camera crew un-abridged film time with the family together. In order to keep viewers entertained, TLC sponsors numerous events for the family to participate in and the film crew captures it all. The TLC camera crew films the family three days a week, following the family everywhere and recording everything from trips to the gas station, to expensive vacations at Disney World. Every episode is themed and attempts to concentrate on the difficulties and challenges that come along with trying to raise eight children at once. Having the camera crew around for such long periods of time allows the viewers to get an in depth, and personal look at how the Gosselin family actually operates behind closed doors. Viewers are exposed to every aspect of the Gosselin’s home through the show. Just recently, the show included an episode in which the family moved into a new house in Berks County, Pennsylvania. According to local real estate developers, the Gosselin family’s new home is over 6,000 square feet large and is worth $1,350,000. This mammoth of a house includes five
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Jon and Kate - Matt Deis Mr McNerney WRT 105 26 October...

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