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Tampax Ad - On the bottom right hand corner of a Tampax...

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On the bottom right hand corner of a Tampax Pearl magazine advertisement the words “UPGRADE YOUR LIFE.” are written. The paradigm of the entire add is explained in three simple words found at the bottom of the ad, which are probably the last thing a reader would look at after flipping the page to the ad. The attention of the reader is immediately drawn to the cartoon image of a petite dark skinned female walking along the sidewalk while being gawked at by less admirable onlookers. This woman is obviously important to the message of the advertisement and there are many signifiers placed through out the picture that help Tampax get across the message they are ultimately trying to convey to the reader. The contrast between the clothing style of the woman on the sidewalk and that of the onlookers is the most easily identifiable signifier within the advertisement. The pale peach colored business suit and dark chocolate heel clad female accompanied by yet again a brown
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