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It is never good to talk about things you have not yet done. Whether it be anything from getting a certain job or buying movie tickets, simply imagining what it would be like if you actually had done those things already just does not cut it. This idea goes far beyond the tangible aspects of the world; it also branches out into the emotional sector of everyone’s lives. Not only is it not good to talk about things you have not physically done, it is also not good to talk about things that you have not yet experienced for yourself for there is no way of knowing how exactly you will react when faced with that certain situation. The entire category of “reaction” is subject to just about everything including gender, race, and even class. The cultural construction of expected reactions to traumatic occurrences, in the case of Chas Tenebaum, is what leads him to becoming so incredibly over protective of his children after his wife’s tragic death in a plane crash. Before his marriage, starting from an extremely early age, Chas Tenebaum was able to see
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