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Matt Deis Mr. McNerney WRT 105 31 January 2010 Unit 3 Reflection Unit three of WRT 105 focused on analyzing why writers use certain words. The analysis was not based so much on why one word worked better than another, but more on what kinds of feelings and thoughts that specific word evoked. The choice of what piece to analyze was left open to the students so a wide range of topics were used. Examples of words bringing out specific emotions are evident everywhere from the media to works of literature so finding a specific topic was not too difficult. While listening to a song or reading a book, this type of analysis usually happens subconsciously in a person’s brain without them even realizing it. This unit helped us discover exactly why we feel the way we do when we read or hear certain words. The idea of giving words such great importance is going to help tremendously while
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Unformatted text preview: writing papers in the future. Before this unit, I knew words were important, but now I am really thinking about what words I am using and how they will be interpreted by the person reading them. Not only I am analyzing my own words now, but while I am also analyzing other people’s choice of words on a deeper level than I was before this unit. By really looking into why certain words are used, new meanings can be found within the words themselves. Certain literary references or words that are unfamiliar to me do not just pass me by anymore; I really do look into what they mean and how their meanings fit into the rest of the words. I really did not see any flaws in how this unit was presented. The topic of choice was straight forward and it was very clear what was expected of us as students....
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